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Why Do Garage Doors Open By Themselves?

You are deep in slumber when you are suddenly stirred awake by the faint sound of your garage door moving. You swore that everyone who is expected to be home at this hour is here, so you put on some Continue reading

How To Make A Garage Door Quiet

No one enjoys jolting awake in the dead of night to a grating noise and their home vibrating. No, that isn’t an earthquake, that’s just your garage door disturbing your neighbors. That bothersome noise you’ve become familiar with will rear Continue reading

Benefits Of A Garage Floor Drain

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of a floor drain is? They seem to be everywhere, whether it is in the basement of a home or in a garage. If you find yourself with similar questions, hopefully, this blog Continue reading

The Pros And Cons of Attached And Detached Garages

Are you searching for a new home? Do you have any big remodeling plans? Well, one essential part of either process is deciding what type of garage you want. Choosing between attached and detached garages can be challenging, which is Continue reading

Glass Garage Doors: 5 Fun Facts

When you think of garage doors, you usually think of panels of steel that clunk and groan as the appliance opens and closes. You might even think of wood panels that scratch over time and need consistent repainting. But did Continue reading

A Guide To Garage Door Holes

You are doing routine maintenance on your garage door. Your springs are lubricated, the automatic opening system is in working order, and so far everything is in good shape. Suddenly, you take a closer look at the panels and see Continue reading

Introduction to Garage Door Lubricant

White garage door

Do you have a garage door? Do you know how it works and the maintenance it requires? You may reach out to a garage door company to have all that needs fixing fixed, which means that you aren’t aware of Continue reading