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How To Lubricate Garage Door Chain Drive Opener

Every garage door opening system is unique, from the way the opener is mounted to the specific drive it uses. A chain drive opener is one of the most widely used garage door openers. When it comes to maintenance, knowing how to lubricate garage door chain drive openers is essential if that’s what your garage door uses. If your garage door runs on a chain drive opener, keep reading to learn how to lubricate your garage door chain drive opener. 

How To Lubricate Garage Door Chain Drive Opener 

Before diving into learning how to lubricate a garage door chain-drive opener, remember that not all chain-drive openers are the same. They are available from a wide array of garage door opener brands. Consulting the appropriate user manual will make a world of difference when lubricating the chain drive. 

lubricate garage door chain

1. Obtain The Right Lubricant 

Unlike most garage door parts that can be lubricated with silicone spray or lithium grease, experts recommend sticking to lithium grease to lubricate a garage door chain drive. While some experts say bike chain grease is sufficient, you can consult your opener’s user manual to determine what lithium grease or substance works best to lubricate your garage door chain drive. For instance, a LiftMaster chain drive might require a different kind of lubricant than a Chamberlain chain drive. Aside from the lubrication, you also need a step ladder, gloves, and a rag to complete this task. 

2. Close And Shut Off The Garage Door

As standard safety protocol dictates, keep your garage door closed. Additionally, disconnect your garage door opener from its power source to protect yourself, your property, and others. After this is done, use the step ladder to clean and lubricate the garage door chain drive. 

3. Clean The Opener and Chain 

Before lubricating, wipe away any accumulated dirt or debris on the opener and the chain drive. Doing so will allow for smooth operation and prevent future problems that could arise from trapped particles. 

4. Lubricate The Garage Door Chain 

Upon reaching the chain drive, ensure your gloves are on so you can apply the grease and lubricate the garage door chain itself. In order to be thorough, gently move the chain along so you can lubricate each section at a time. Lubricate all sides of the chain for maximum effect. When you’ve finished, take advantage of the opportunity to clean and lubricate other parts of your garage door. Put away the step ladder before proceeding to the final step of how to lubricate a garage door chain-drive opener. 

5. Reconnect The Garage Door 

Finally, reconnect the garage door opener to its power source after lubricating your garage door opener’s chain drive and performing maintenance on other parts. Then, turn on the garage door opener and test its operation. Your garage door is in great shape if it’s moving smoothly and quietly. If you notice any signs of wear and tear, your garage door produces strange and loud noises, or the operation is uneven, you’ll need to call a garage door technician to help. 


Our Garage Door Technicians Will Keep Your Garage Door Opener In Shape!

By learning how to lubricate a garage door chain, you’ll be able to keep up with maintaining every part of your garage door better than before. However, not all garage door openers last forever. The chain could rust, break, or simply reach the end of its lifespan. When this happens, you’ll need to replace this mechanism as soon as possible. Luckily, if you live in Alvin, Texas, you don’t need to go too far to find a trustworthy garage door technician. Contact us at Garage Door Repair Alvin for any repairs or replacements your garage door requires.