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Glass Garage Doors: 5 Fun Facts

When you think of garage doors, you usually think of panels of steel that clunk and groan as the appliance opens and closes. You might even think of wood panels that scratch over time and need consistent repainting. But did you know that glass is an option for garage door designs? Your reaction might be fascinated by this new possibility, or you might be puzzled, wondering, “How does glass make sense for a garage door?” We are going to answer that question by exploring what makes glass garage doors appealing.

1. They Produce Less Noise

Because glass is more lightweight than steel or wood, you are less likely to hear the usual clanging sounds produced by steel garages. Do you want peace and quiet as you leave and return home? Do you want to continue working or relaxing in relative silence as your loved ones leave and return? Glass garage doors allow you to maintain that peace you deserve.

2. They Are Durable

You might be wondering, “If it’s a glass garage door, won’t it be more likely to break?”  That is a fair question. However, the glass used for garage doors is not the same glass seen in elaborate dishware or priceless art. The glass is framed by aluminum which allows the glass to maintain density and durability against time and the elements.

3. Glass Garage Doors Provide Natural Lighting

If you are interested in making your home more environmentally friendly, then a glass garage door is an excellent source of natural lighting. The light and warmth not only make your garage more atmospherically pleasant to use; you can rely more on the natural light instead of the installed light features to create a more energy-efficient home while reducing your energy bill.

4. Glass Garage Doors Can Still Create Privacy

If you are worried about strangers looking through your glass garage door to see everything inside, then the good news is that you are not confined to traditionally transparent glass. You can maintain privacy in your garage by selecting a finish that makes the glass more obscure. These finishings include but are not limited to frosted, glacier, seeded, and hammered glass styles. You can even invest in glass with a specific tint, though it may come at the expense of natural lighting. You can stay in vogue with a glass garage door without sacrificing privacy and safety.

frosted glass garage door

5. They Are Low Maintenance

A bonus perk of a glass garage door is the low maintenance. Due to painting not being necessary for glass garage doors, you save time and money on getting your garage door freshly coated. At most, you will need to make sure the aluminum framing is polished. Otherwise, the only tools you need for glass upkeep are soap and water. As long as your soap is compatible with the glass material of your garage, then maintaining your glass garage door will be far less stressful than the usual routine maintenance for steel or wood garage doors.

Want To Learn More?

Glass garage doors are not only worth considering for their rising popularity alone. Their potential for sustainability, and decorative possibilities are making more and more homeowners consider glass as a prime material for their upcoming home remodel or new home design. Are you thinking about remodeling or replacing your garage door with aluminum-framed glass? Are you now considering a glass garage door design for your next home? Do you want to replace your current wood or steel garage with glass, or are you just curious to learn more about glass garage doors and how we install them? By contacting us today, you will receive the answers to your questions and the best possible guidance for converting your garage door to glass.

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