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A Guide To Garage Door Holes

You are doing routine maintenance on your garage door. Your springs are lubricated, the automatic opening system is in working order, and so far everything is in good shape. Suddenly, you take a closer look at the panels and see a hole in your garage door! Whether it’s the result of a poor parking job, water, weather, or even the passage of time, garage door holes are no less common than dents and scratches.

Considerations for Next Steps

Regarding how to fill in your garage door hole, you will need to consider the following questions:

1. What is the Material of Your Garage Door?

The material of your garage door will inform you what exactly you can do about any holes. For example, if you have a wooden garage door, there is a better chance of being able to fill that hole. If you have a steel garage door, however, filling in the hole (or holes) will be out of the question. Where steel garage doors are concerned, the next step will likely be to replace the damaged panel.

2. What Size Are the Holes?

If it was easy for you to notice, then something needs to be done about it, especially if the hole, or (as is sometimes, unfortunately, the case) holes are big enough for a small insect or animal to enter and exit. Leaving the holes in your garage door unattended can lead to bigger problems farther down the road.

small garage door holes

3. Where Are the Holes?

Even the location of the holes can impact the reliability of your garage door. If the holes are low, then it can be easy for small animals to break in and even start living in your garage or even get into another part of your home. However, if the holes are higher up, you should still be concerned about unwanted air getting into your garage. If your garage door is insulated, you will want to be urgent about fixing the insulation in addition to the holes.

What Are Your Next Steps?

After taking some time to think about the above three questions, here are a few possible solutions to filling or sealing the holes in your garage door.

1. Add a Decorative Piece

While waiting to have your garage door holes repaired, you might see an opportunity to add a temporary decoration to your home exterior. Adding a decorative piece over the hole or holes can temporarily give your garage some extra flair. If you aren’t keen on decorating, then you can…

2. Create a Hole Cover

Depending on the size of the hole or holes in your garage door, you could either purchase material for a temporary hole cover, or you can make your own. If you plan to create a temporary hole cover, make sure the material is compatible with the rest of your garage door. A wood hole cover might not fit well with a steel panel. While there are many pages online that provide DIY instructions for patching the hole(s) yourself, it is recommended for your safety that you use a temporary cover and go to a professional for any long-term repairs.

3. Call a Professional

When it is time to implement long-term solutions, call a professional to help you approach these repairs in the safest manner possible. A professional will also have more insight into finding any panel materials that need replacement and be able to approach repairing your garage door without accidentally compromising any additional functions. In fact, you should call a professional as soon as you notice any garage door holes and be sure to take pictures so the right people can determine the best course of action. Contact us today to get your garage door holes patched up.


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