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Your Guide To Holiday Garage Door Magnets

Holiday garage door magnets on a garage door

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With the holiday season in full effect, you may have already gotten started on your holiday decorations. If not, you’re most likely planning how your decorations will look this year. When thinking about the placement of your holiday decorations, do you account for all of your house? Meaning do you plan for just the front with lights, wreaths, and maybe a blowup of Santa or a reindeer? Maybe that is all you plan for, but did you ever notice the plain look from your garage door? It could be that you could never figure out what truly looks best there. It can be a tough spot to decorate. However, did you know that there are holiday garage door magnets you can use? This way, you can still get the look of holiday decorations on your garage door with a fraction of the effort needed. Keep reading our informational blog about holiday garage door magnets to learn more about them!

Introduction To Holiday Garage Door Magnets

Sometimes things just need an introduction so you can know what they are. Holiday garage door magnets are just like regular magnets except they belong on your garage door. These holiday garage door magnets can consist of different themes that some people may use when decorating their homes for the holidays. Let’s go over some common themes.


Holiday garage door magnets that are a cover for your entire garage door

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So maybe you don’t want to worry about doing too much planning for your garage door. That is perfectly fine. Holiday garage door magnets go for everything! Did you know that there are covers for garage doors? Don’t think about the protective garage door covers. These covers are slightly different and more fun. They come in different colors and designs. You can find lots of them on Amazon. While some may not be magnetic in themselves, you can always resort to using magnets to help them stay on.


Have you always wanted to put up some Christmas lights on your garage door but were always too nervous? It could have been from the wires that Christmas lights are notorious for having. Combine that with the expense that garage doors are and, well, you have the right to be nervous. So we were so excited to find magnetic lights! They come in flat magnets that give the impression of having lights without the shine, light, and wires. However, if you want to buy waterproof solar or battery-operated lights, you can get magnetic clips. This way, you wouldn’t need to worry about the wires crossing into both the interior and exterior of your garage door. You can find the magnetic lights and clips on amazon.

Santa And Reindeer

Holiday garage door magnets for a Santa theme

Who doesn’t love having a Santa cutout when it is close to Christmas? If that is your holiday theme this year, it is important to have a Santa on your garage door. You can’t forget about the reindeer either! That’s how Santa gets around, so they are almost like a packaged deal. Amazon has great options for more realistic or cartoon-like designs to meet every need in theme.

Remember Garage Door Repair Service Alvin TX Even After Your Holiday Garage Door Magnets Get Put Away!

Unlike the holiday season or more specifically, Christmas time, Garage Door Repair Service Alvin TX will remain for the entire year. This means that if you ever have any issues with your garage door, even after the holiday magnets come to an end, we can help. You can expect our experienced technicians to leave you with a satisfying repair and exceptional service. Give us a call at (281) 245-1834 to learn more!

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